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Your unique KUUKIE Business Card (from $12.49)

  • 315 gsm crisp white paper, thicker than normal name card. 100% recycled and biodegradable.

  • You can use up to 50 images on the card. Each of them is unique!

  • Six templates for you to select to have your logo and text printed in a stylish way.

  • Impress friends and business partners about your personality, your business and possibly anything about you.
Make 50 Business Cards for $12.49

Easy to make your Business Card: Only 5 steps

  • 1. Upload

  • 2. Crop

  • 3. Text

  • 4. Preview

  • 5. Pay

How customers are using their Kuukie Business Cards

  1. Teach your child to learn a word

    Miss.Lu, a kindergarten teacher, used 50 different images on the front of the cards so that the children can get different results with the same learning.

  2. Show a wide range of hobbies

    Mr.Yang has a wide range of hobbies in his spare time. He just used a platform, KUUKIE Business card, to showcase his hobbies.

  3. Good memories of your travelling

    Photographer, Mr.Li who likes travelling, takes photos of the beautiful scenes to record the places he travelled and track his footprints via the cards.

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