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What are KUUKIE Business Cards?
There are 50 cards in one pack of business card. KUUKIE business cards are like traditional personal cards, but with a little something special. You will make the business card by yourself from uploading images to adding text. You can choose up to 50 images to KUUKIE.
So, if there's the option of an image on one side, what's on the other side?
You can choose one from 6 templates to add up to 11 lines of text. You can also upload your company logo or another image. Or you can upload a large image on the reverse.
How should I use my KUUKIE Business Cards?
Send the business cards printed the products to your potential customers. You not only impress them but also show your business. You can choose the most suitable business cards for your friends in the party and you can show your personality.
IIf you feel that KUUKIE business cards are interesting and creative, you can use it as membership cards, mini-fliers etc. If you have good inspirations, please tell us.
How much do they cost?
The price of business cards depends on how many packs you buy. You will get bulk discounts for many packs. Head over to the 'make payment' FAQ.
How big are they?
Business card are 82*55mm.
What are Business Card made from?
Business card are made from sturdy 315gsm, crisp white, 100% recycled and recyclable.
Can I upload my own logo?
Yes. You can choose a different template to upload your logo. For example, You can upload the images on the reverse side of business card, or you can upload logo and text. The position of logo depends on the template you choose.
I've made minicards before, and the icon on the text side was really small. Will my logo be bigger than that?
The icon on the business card is larger than on the minicard. You can choose different templates to determine the location of the icon.
Can I get my cards printed in other languages and character sets?
Of course. KUUKIE supports all the character sets.
How do I pre-crop my images, and get the sizing right?
If you want to design your cards, or you can crop images, read the design guidelines . You can download to help you get you started. Though this requires a certain degree of technical and application knowledge, so if you’re not sure , use our online cropping tools instead.
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