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How do I use KUUKIE Uploader to print with KUUKIE?
First, select the item you would like to make.
Next, upload your images by clicking the 'Upload Images' button -find the image you want to upload from your computer. You can do this multiple times, until all the files you'd like to upload are listed. Or you can hold the Shift key to upload multiple pictures. And you can choose some images from the gallery. It may take some time if your images are large. If you've added a file by mistake, click 'Cancel this upload'. When all of the picture are uploaded, you can click the "Next: Customize your images", and crop pictures.
What if I don't like one of the images I've uploaded?
No worries, you don't have to use it - just click the 'Don't use this image' check box.
What if I'm on the crop page, and realised I forgot to add one of the photos I wanted?
No problem - click the 'want to add or remove images' link, in the top navigation, or click the 'Upload more images' button to upload some more images. We don't mind.
What type of images can I use?
You can use gif, png, jpg (jpeg) or bmp formats.
What kind of images can I upload, photos or illustrations?
You can upload your photos, illustrations, design, etc. and the format must be gif, png, jpg (jpeg) and bmp. Please upload a bright picture as far as possible to ensure the quality of product. The color will be slightly dim after covered with matt lamination.
Does KUUKIE retain any rights to the photos I uploaded for printing?
Absolutely not. Your images remain your copyright, they belong to you, not KUUKIE.
We may store them for a period of time, to facilitate re-ordering, but only you will be able to re-order the images you upload.
Can I upload an image or logo for the back of the MiniCard?
Not at the moment, no - but this might change in the future, so do check back.
Do I need to upload all images at one time?
Not really! Kuukie saves your working progress automatically, so you can retrieve them at and your creative muse will continue to prosper!
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