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  • 1.You can choose the product at the bottom of the home page
  • 2.Or you can review the products by clicking "Products" on the menu bar
    • Browse the product details
    • Click on the product you like and you will enter this product's detail page where you will find the price of the product and the introduction as well. Also, the whole design process of this product will be explained to you.

Design Process ( For example: MiniCard):
  • 1.Upload the Picture
    • Upload your favourite picture by clicking the icon " upload",while uploading,Please read the green box which will alert you what you should be awared of during the file uploading
    • After the picture you selected is uploaded, a status will be displayed to inform you if the uploading is successful and the size of the image uploaded is ok for this product. You can upload more than one picture at the same time.
  • 2. Edit your picture
    • Please select the picture you need to be edited. Move and drag your mouse with the right button to edit your picture accordingly
  • 3. Text Box
    • There are several standard design templates available for you to choose on your business card design and you can upload your company logo to the Text side too. If you find the templates are not what you want, you can select DIY template to suit for your design requirements
  • 4. Preview the Picture
    • At the print preview page, you can preview the result of the copies (front & back) and the number of copies. You can redo it if you find the design result is not what you want
  • 5. Add into the shopping cart
    • For your information:
    • Please activate the cookie function from IE 7 Browser before you do the shopping online. In IE 7 browser, Click on TOOL, it will display the button "Internet", Click on this button and select "Privacy" and select the level of Medium / High. Before you log in, the items in your cart will be kept and recorded according to your computer setting. Normally, It will be maintained within 30 days;When you process the cards after you log in,then the item information will be kept forever. During the merchandize reservation period, the items you have selected in terms of price, discount policy, delivery time which may have be adjusted. The final order placement will be based on the latest kuukie announcement. Please fulfill your payment once your order has been placed within 72 hours,otherwise the order will be called off automatically.
  • 6.Order Booking

Please log in
  • 1、 If you are existing user, please enter your ID number and password
  • 2、 If you are the new user, please register first and open the new account by two ways:click the "Register"in the page directly to open a new account or register in the process of ordering

Please fill up the info of the receiver
  • When filling up the receiver info, For domestic user, please fill up in simplified Chinese in the order form and make sure that the receiver info is a correct Real Chinese name and Full address in Chinese for the sake of on-time delivery

Send by Courier
  • There are 3 ways of Courier available for you to consider.If you want to get more info,please take a look at Delivery Method
    • 1.Speedpost (YTO): For the receiver in Greater China Region ( China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan )
    • 2.EMS : For the receiver in Greater China ( Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan ) and oversea
    • 3.Normal Courier: For the receiver in Greater China ( Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan ) and oversea

Payment Methods
  • There are different payment channels available for you to consider, such as, Alipay,99bills,Paypal,Online Banking, TT from Post office.Please read more on Payment Methods

There is no receipt available, yet.

Quick Reference for Delivery
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