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What is KUUKIE MiniCard?
There are 100 cards in a pack of KUUKIE minicards. Each one is unique. The image side of each card can be different. You can upload up to 100 images as your photos, design etc. and put text designs on the reverse. Share with your family, friends, business partners and even strangers in your life.
How big are they?
Minicard is 70*28mm, only half size of the tranditianal card.
What are MiniCard made from?
Minicard are made from sturdy 350gsm, crisp white and Matt laminated.
What can I use them for?
You can use minicard as calling cards or other things, like invitation cards, game cards, labels. And you can put it as a bookmark, tag, wedding supplies and so on. If you have any ideas, please tell us.
How do I customize the MiniCard?
There are four steps to design the minicards by yourself. Simply upload your favorite images, adjust image size, add text and edit. You can customize your personalized minicard.
How to adjust the position of images?
First, select the image you need to adjust the size. Then drag with the mouse to move the image. You can zoom, move and rotate the uploaded images.
Do my photographs have to be landscape? Can I have cards the other way up?
a. You can upload any picture, including landscape, portrait, design, painting etc. But you are not allowed to upload any defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, contrary to public order of good customs or other illegal text and pictures.
b. Ensure that you have an authority to upload the images. And you will not infringe any third party’s legitimate interest.
c. Minicards, with a Matt laminated, may be blurry when printed. So please choose bright pictures to upload to ensure the print quality.
Does KUUKIE retain any rights to the photos I uploaded for printing?
Absolutely not. dose not own copyright of the image you upload. We will save the pictures you uploaded and we will not open to the public without your permission.
Can I choose other fonts, sizes or colors?
We provide you nine kinds of fonts, for example, Hupo, Kaiti, Liti, Song, Xihei, Xingkai, Xinwei, Zhongsong, Arial, Ficus, Gentium, Liberation, Sanford, Sansation, TypeWritter. In order to ensure the print quality, we are temporarily unable to change the text size. At the same time, you can choose the color of each line of text. There may be subtle differences between the effects you preview and the products you get. As we use the CMYK color.
Are MiniCards double sided?
You can upload pictures on one side and add up to 6 lines of text on the reverse. Add your contact details, a party invitation and an important date anything you like. You can also add your own icon or one of the icons we provided.
How do I order them?
You can order minicard through the following two ways:
  • 1.With the KUUKIE Uploader
  •     Upload your own gifs, pngs or jp(e)gs directly to KUUKIE, using the KUUKIE Uploader. Find out more about this in Uploader FAQ.

  • 2. Using images from KUUKIE Gallery
  •    If you don’t have any images, or you want to make something different, there are many images in different styles for you.

How do I pre-crop my images, and get the sizing right?
If you want to design your cards, or you can crop images, read the design guidelines . You can download to help you get you started. Though this requires a certain degree of technical and application knowledge, so if you’re not sure , use our online cropping tools instead.
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