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趣奇网----Keep U(you) Unique,Keep Images Extraordinary,它是国内唯一的一家专业的卡片定制商城,面向全世界用户生产销售各类一盒起订的卡片类商品(个性卡片、定制明信片、微博名片、个性台历、婚庆卡片和迷你卡片等);通过趣奇网提供的个性化卡片定制,人们能够更方便的记录生活、讲述故事、分享快乐。

我们的口号:You Taste, You Share;你品味,你分享。


2009年8月 趣奇网开始内测啦!

2009年12月 趣奇网开始公测啦!

2010年1月 趣奇网正式上线!

KUUKIE----Keep U(you) Unique,Keep Images Extraordinary.
KUUKIE.COM is a leading online customized cards printing service. KUUKIE prints customized Minicards, Business Cards and Postcards. Founded in 2009, makes it convenient for millions of people to record their life, tell their stories and share happiness with friends.

Slogan: You Taste, You Share.

History & Milestones:

August 2009         Private Test

December 2009   Public Test

January 2010       Go-live

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