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KUUKIE's solution for Enterprise - Case Study

KUUKIE Cards are not only fascinated by the personal users as representatives of their personality, but they are also welcomed by many internet companies as such a unique product, which completely customization can be done online, just like the social marketing, which is the offline word-of-mouse effect.

1. Social Marketing 3.0

Yupoo- leading Chinese Photo sharing service  click to visit
Kuukie and Yupoo works together in producing a free package of 10 mini social ID cards. This package is designed for Yupoo’s exclusive use. As of the past we are already in co-operation with Yupoo in the online tech field. On Kuukie’s website we can import user pictures directly from ones Yupoo account by logging in. Effect:
The 3000 mini-card gift packages’ aim is to earn the compliment and reputation for Yupoo.

Jiepang-leading Chinese LBS service  ongoing    click to visit
Jiepang-Kuukie launches commemorative Social ID cards. Users can get a Jiepang mini cards package for free, by inviting 5 or more friends to join and register on Jiepang’s website. The front image on every card is designed by jiepang while the back side can be costomized by user.
The spirit of Kuukie card shows your personality. On one hand, it is an effective way for user acquisition by designed commercial image. On the other hand, the customized word side can be shared offline in real social life.

2. Designer Community

Neocha-- Creative agency   click to visit
Kuukie works closely with Neocha to build up flourishing designer community in our gallery.
Users visit and select the art piece then Kuukie get the images printed on demand and delivered. In order to protect the copyright, there’s Neocha logo and designer intro on the back side
Kuukie provide a grand online marketing place for promotion and monetization of the designers' works. The designs also give the users more choice/ideas for designing their own personal cards.

3. Custom Gift for Enterprise

UC Web—the leading Chinese mobile browser
How to pour your creativity and enterprise spirit into business gift?
UCWeb chose Kuukie products as their Moon Festival Gift. A variety of UC Squirrel images on the cards symbolizes their vibrant and vivid culture.
Comparing with traditional desk calendar, greeting cards, Kuukie custom cards are much more creative and widely known. Your gift to your partners and customers can never be so fancy without Kuukie’s high-quality printing and innovative ideas.

4. Direct Marketing

We boast the easy and simple Kuukie platform, high-quality sturdy cards and good reputation. Kuukie shows the potential to be the New Social Media Platform.
We successfully completed theme campaign such as: Transformer, World Cup, and Mid-autumn Festival just to name a few. The brands and advertisers can also set up their image galleries on Kuukie’s platform, where users can choose commercial pictures from, and customize the “word sided” as desired. Kuukie then gets the images printed on demand and delivers them to the fans. The fundamental nature of Kuukie cards is to share with people, which causes the word of mouse effect both by online and offline campaigns. According to official statistics, more than 500 people took part in these events and the audience exceeded ten thousand people, involving hundreds of cities.

5. Celebrities

Wonderful Music  ongoing    click to visit
As a subsidiary company of Rock Music, the Wonderful Music publicizes the celebrity by using our designed cards. Sukie, a new signed singer in their studio, produces her unique Sukie cards to her fans. Meanwhile, her hand-painted works were stationed only in kuukie gallery
for online printing.
This is the first time cross- border cooperation among the creative industry, online platform and entertainment business. Kuukie can help you reach our targeted fans via Internet with plenty of fun on real and fancy cards.

6. Events/Campaigns

591 wedding – the leading Chinese wedding community
JiuJiu wedding- the Chief Chinese wedding portal

Kuukie Wedding cards are selected as some web community event gift.
The romantic theme, the remarkable templates and the save-the-memory cards are welcomed by the young. Kuukie theme cards are your professional wedding expert.

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