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How long should it take to get my stuff?
After you submit your order, there requires the following steps:
  • a. We will mail to inform you of your order, and to remind you to make payments in time.
  • b. You can choose different methods of payment and pay the purchase price promptly. After payment, we will email to inform you of payment success.
  • c. We will finish the products according to the needs of your order in 3 working days after receipt of your payment.
  • d. After finishing products, we will send the product to you and send e-mail to let you know.
Domestic express need 2 days or so, the domestic EMS takes about 4 days.
So we need about 5-7 working days to process your order. When you receive the products depends on when you pay for the products and the delivery method.
My KUUKIE order arrived and it's damaged! What now?
We're really sorry to hear your stuff's got messed up. Please return it to KUUKIE and a new order will be on its way as soon as the damaged ones have arrived. Please send them to KUUKIE here:
Room 103, Building 2, No.2430 XieTu Road, Shanghai, China P.R.
How to return the products?
KUUKIE has always attached great importance to the quality of product. If your cards have any problems that arise due to printing, we will handle your return or reprinted after being verified. However, we don’t process the return as the following causes:
  • a. The text and layout is wrong which isn’t due to KUUKIE;
  • b. The arrival time is delayed which isn’t due to KUUKIE;
  • c. The products are damp and dyeing after signed;
  • d. The insufficient number of returned products;
  • e. The format and the color is wrong, which result in blur, chromatic aberration and other issues;
  • f. The size and resolution of the images customers uploaded does not meet the standard of uploading;
  • g. The file customers uploaded does not meet the system requirements for the printing problems.
Can I cancel or change my order?
Whether to cancel or change the order or not depends on the process your order has gone.
We will review the orders and payments within 24 hours after we received the orders and payments. And we will get orders printed as soon as possible. It’s too late to edit or cancel the order if it is listed as ‘printing’ on your account page.
When you find that you have made a mistake and it’s too late to edit , please contact us. We will try our best to help you to correct the mistake.
You can make changes if you can find the mistake in time.
  • a. Go to your account page and log in.
  • b. Find the order you will modify in the ‘My orders’. (Each order you make will be dated with the day you made it.)
  • 3c. If your order is still waiting to go to print, you can edit or cancel it.
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